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Opened in 2009, Mococha is a luxury boutique specializing in artisanal chocolates and cocoa products of the highest quality from some of the most esteemed French craftsmen of chocolate, including several Meilleurs Ouvriers de France.


The intimate boutique resembles a sophisticated salon of precious jewels. Enticing chocolate morsels, neatly arranged behind glass vitrines, tantalize your eyes and hint at the intoxicating flavors within.


Guests are greeted warmly by proprietor Marie-Hélène, an expert curator of chocolate who serves as your personal consultant and guide through your captivating journey into this world, making it truly a moment to remember.


At the heart of the boutique are the compelling seasonal collections by three chocolatiers – Jacques & Vianney Bellanger, Fabrice Gillotte, and Johann Dubois – who are permanently showcased. Elusive and impeccably refined, the products by these passionate artisans are exclusively available only in their respectiv­e hometowns outside of Paris, and at Mococha.


Guests can also discover a rotating selection of limited edition products – from decadent hot chocolate powder to small-batch bean-to-bar tablets. The boutique also hosts a series of in-store events with chocolate craftsmen and culinary artists, enhancing the unique gourmet experience that can be found only at Mococha.

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